Sunday, February 27, 2011

Memories...of fruit?!

Things have been a little busy this past week at home and at work.  Not feeling well can really put a damper in your routine, your mood and your health.
Recently I was reading an article in a Health food/product related magazine - one I found in the lunch room at work that was brought in my granola eating friend, Suzelle. The article mentioned that scientist believe the Cavendish banana will only be around another ten to fifteen years. Due to Panama Disease the crops are being wiped out. An aletnative that is apparently healthier is the Red Banana.

Thursday we went to the local Fruit & Vegetable depot and I picked up some Red Bananas
My dad had bought me some Baby Bananas a few days earlier...I seem like I have a Banana obsession! And recently, I received an email pertaining to the health benefits of bananas LOL they come in threes

As I child visiting Italy in the summer time it was rare to get bananas. I remember a lot of cherries, apricots, melons, peaches and my all time favorite, Fresh Figs!
Oh, how I still adore fresh figs to this day. Even their colour is appealing to me! My sister used to say they looked like red blood cells once you remove their outer skins and peel into two halves. I also recall my Nonna slices peaches pouring sugar over them and adding white wine sometimes a few sprigs of fresh mint. I am severely missing the good ol' days.

Psychology says that the earliest memories we have come from our 5 whether it be a colour of something we saw and associated with good or bad or to a familiar smell that brings us right back to our memory.

Reminiscing can be enlightening and yet somewhat sad knowing you cannot really relive the same events over again. At least we can attempt at making new 'senses' memories!!

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